TM MWS 14.5 inch DMR with options!

TM MWS 14.5 inch DMR with options!

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Tokyo Marui
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Selling my Tokyo Marui MWS 14.5 inch DMR (GBBR)

The base gun is a CQBR which has been given a 14.5 inch barrel with a 360 mm inner barrel from Prometheus for the extra power. The build is truly lightweight being 2.9 kilos (3.4 loaded), whereas I have spent lots of time sourcing the lightest parts without sacrificing stability. The lower has been painted in a rugged color scheme which can be removed with acetone if you so wish. Internals have seen four skirmishes. Some externals are brand new other are used from earlier builds. Complete parts list follows:

# Griffon compensator
# PTS CMR M-lok 13.5 inch handguard with BCM panels, rail piece and Magul AFG (copy)
# Maple leaf Decepticon 70 degree with custom hardened nub to lift heavier bbs (shoots great with 0.32 and above)
# Aero precision mount (genuine stuff from Brownells, no china copy)
# Ohunt 4x scope (RS) with flip up covers
# 2 selectors: semi only + semi/full auto
# B.A.D lever (copy)
# LMT pistol grip
# 3 mags: 2 TM and one Prowin 50rnd (which needs a bit of a break in) without leaks.
# TM XL speedloader
# A new bag of Tippmann 0.32 bios

The replica has been throughly cleaned and lubed. Advice / recommendations and support is included in the price.
MWS has been my main platform for 2+ years.

Shoot me a PM for questions. Pickup in Amsterdam Noord or shipped on the expense of the buyer. Haggle in English / Dutch but keep it fair and friendly :)
( can be traded towards a GBLS with some extra €€€ on my behalf )

Extras and options:

# More mags:
4x SAA pmags can be yours for additional €€€ / or if you prefer them over the TM & Prowin. See this link:

# Paintjob:
I can paint the rifle / remove existing paint without any extra costs.

# Second MWS:
Got a second rifle ( my personal ) for sale. Contact me in PM if you need two custom rifles for a special deal. 

Note. Coyote brown paint on mags have been removed. They are now grey but look a bit more used. 


€ 599  

€ 575

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