Broken Pew Machine, or want a rebuild?

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Hey guys, im looking to make a little extra cash on the side by either fixing your broken replicas or just gutting what you have and building your ideal shooter!  With the shutdown right now its a perfect time to get your replica sorted out and running smooth-and i can help you with that.  I've been at it a few years now and know my way around a gearbox.  Whether its a trigger response, dmr, high rof build or just a simple refresher, my main goal is to make something that will last, and not detonate on you after a few skirmishes.

Ive worked on most of the brands out there, and some oddball guns as well.  Installing new internals, rewiring, mosfet installation (also the trigger board type like titans, perun, btc and leviathan), short stroking, aoe correction, radiusing, shimming, dsg..  im sure you get the point.  i can sort out your barrels and hop up chambers if you need it, but i wont do r-hops as i dont have an area to test, and to be honest with the bb weight limit we have here an r-hop would be pointless for your average aeg.  

If you have questions feel free to whatsapp me at 0683221892.  

thanks ,